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Broomhedge Football Club


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Match Report


Broomhedge Football Club

Sat 20 Feb 2010




Lisanally Rangers

Broomhedge came crashing back down to earth a home to Lisanally rangers.

Broomhedge entertained Lisanally at home after making a late call due to the frost.Referee was Ciaran Okane from Lurgan.
It was a very cold afternoon and the pitch was in great condition after being rested for a few weeks.
Broomhedge players seemed to go out onto the pitch thinking that they were going to get an easy three points,well what a surprise they got.Lisanally took the game to Broomhedge right from the start and with the Broomhedge players making mistakes all over the pitch Lisanally were by far the better team, two minutes before half time their pressure adn superiority payed off as they scored a soft header at the back post, three Broom players each had the opportunity to clear.
Manager Bobby Jameson read the riot act at half time hoping this would make the Broom players have a good look at themselves in the second half.Broomhedge started the second half and did have a few chances for the equaliser but just had no luck.
Lisanally had a few chances missed themselves.With Broom still pushing forward a ball hit from Lisanally out of defence was missed by central defender Jameson for the Lisanally forward to run on and slot by the keeper.
Two nil was the final result.
This was a really disapointing performance by Broomhedge and all the players knew it.Just hope they can turn it around for their match against banbridge rangers on friday night at banbridge.

Starting line up

  • Stuart Green

    Match rating: 7

  • Philip John Murphy

    Match rating: 6

  • Gavin Prince

    Match rating: 5

  • Alan McCombe

    Match rating: 6

  • Darren Riddle

    Match rating: 6

  • Alan Robert Stevenson

    Match rating: 6

  • Paul Houston

    Match rating: 6

  • James Thompson

    Match rating: 6

  • Darren (Trigger) Addis

    Match rating: 6

  • Darren Lynn

    Match rating: 6


  • Raymond Weise

    Match rating: 6

  • Paul Stevenson

    Match rating: 6

  • Andrew Vaughan

  • Jonathan Houston

  • Paul Morris

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