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Broomhedge Football Club


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Match Report


Camlough Rovers

Sat 06 Feb 2010




Star player: Sam Bradford

Broomhedge Football Club

Darren (Trigger) Addis (2)

Camlough 1 v Broomhedge 2

Broomhedge made the long trek to Camlough to play a team that was somewhat in form and hard to take points of at home.
Referee was Gavin Lundy from Newry.

The game kicked off but both teams cancelled each other out and neither could get a grip on the game which led to very few chances on goal in the first half although there was some good passages of play near the end of the half.
Sam Bradford was influencial in the centre of midfield and was breakng up all the camlough advances and having his best game to date in a Broomhedge jersey,this in turn freed up Paul Houston allowing him to distribute the ball well to both wings..
First half ended with both teams even
In the second half Broomhedge came out the stronger and with a lot more intent than the home side and attacked from the whistle.
John Flynn received the ball in the 47 min and went on a run skipping past a couple of heavy challenges from the Camlough defence, as he entered the box he was brought down but managed to get his pass away to Darren Addis who hit a first time shot and put the ball in the net. Broomhedge one up.
This goal brought the game to life and both teams played some good football, Camlough only troubled Broomhedge at corners but with keeper Green in fine form all afternoon these were dealt with safely.
Then in the 78 minute and against the run of play the referee made a terrible blunder, he awarded Camlough a throw in level with the 18 yard line when it was clearly visable for all that where at the game and some people in Newry city center that the Camlough player had headed the ball out himself.
From the resulting throw the ball was whipped into the box and Camloughs forward scored with a powerful header. This decision upset Broomhedge and a few names went into the over zealous referees book but they kept battling away.
On 87 minutes Addis had a header hit the crossbar and over, then on 89 minutes Camlough came close again with another header going just over. Broom players knew they deserved more than a point from this came and piled on the pressure, which payed off in the first minute of injury time with some good interlinking play from Murphy and McComb winning a corner.
James Thompsons corner was short but luckily for the away team cleared only to fall at his feet again, he took one touch to control and drilled a low hard cross back into the penalty area, the ball shot into a crowded area and somehow ended up trickling over the line for the winning goal, Addis was accredited with the final touch giving him his second of the day. Addis had to come off after this with an arm injury which he later had to have xrayed for a suspect break.
In the final seconds of the game Green pulled of a great instant reaction save for Broom and then cleared by the boot of Flynn out of the six yard box.
Broomhedge deserved their win and 3 points an all round great team display by all the players.Away to Seagoe in portadown next week.

Starting line up

  • Stuart Green

    Match rating: 8

  • Philip John Murphy

    Match rating: 8

  • Darren Lynn

    Match rating: 8

  • Darren Riddle

    Match rating: 8

  • Sam Bradford

    Match rating: 9

  • John Flynn

    Match rating: 8

  • Paul Houston

    Match rating: 8

  • James Thompson

    Match rating: 8

  • Darren (Trigger) Addis

    Match rating: 8

  • Raymond Weise

    Match rating: 7


  • Alan McCombe

    Match rating: 7

  • Mark Dougherty

    Match rating: 7

  • Jonathan Houston

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